Aug 24

Made up joke

I’m seeing the in-laws for Chinese New Year. There are going to be fireworks.

Aug 07

10 great films set in Hong Kong -

Five down…

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Love from Cibo Matto

Love from Cibo Matto

Feb 22

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Jan 30

Smart design within reach

Seems that most smartphone apps put menu buttons in the top-left of the screen, which is the very worst place to put them if you’re right-handed and use your thumb to navigate, like most people.

I give it a couple of years before design gets smart enough to place menu buttons radially around the bottom-right, with the option to switch sides for lefties.

Really, it’s remarkable that it’s taking so long to scrap positioning which is, I’ll repeat, the very worst it could possibly be!

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Dec 18

Made-up joke

What do you call copycat gangsters?

Likewise guys.